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Miss Japan, Miss Japan International 2009

Miss Japan, Miss Japan International 2009

The Miss Universe Japan Organization was created in 1998 in response to Japan's recent lack of finalists at the Miss Universe pageant. It is a branch from the late Miss Japan pageant.
1 Miss Japan Pageant
2 Miss Universe Japan Pageant
2.1 Miss Universe Japan 2003
2.2 Miss Universe Japan 2006
2.3 Miss Universe Japan 2007
2.4 Miss Universe Japan 2008
2.5 Miss Universe Japan 2009
3 Winners

Miss Japan Pageant
The Miss Japan pageant had existed from 1952 to 1997. During that period, the pageant managed to produce three top 5 finalists and a winner, Akiko Kojima, who claimed the first crown for Japan in 1959. After a semi-finalist placement in 1975, Japan managed to place only one more time prior to 1997, in 1988, where Mizuho Sakaguchi took 4th place.

Miss Universe Japan Pageant
Since its founding in 1998, the Miss Universe Japan pageant has been run by acclaimed French national director, Ines Ligron. It has achieved the impressive result of having one semifinalist, two runner-ups, and one winner at the Miss Universe pageant within the short span of 10 years. Ines Ligron was catapulted to the international spotlight when Riyo Mori won Japan's second Miss Universe crown in Mexico City, on May 28, 2007.

Miss Universe Japan 2003
Miyako Miyazaki is a fashion model who won the Miss Universe Japan title in 2003, and placed 5th at the Miss Universe 2003 pageant held in Panama City, Panama. She is considered by most to be, physically, the best Miss Universe Japan so far. Her catwalk is still unrivaled at Miss Universe Japan. She was involved in the training of Kurara Chibana and Riyo Mori before their participations at the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Universe Japan 2006
Kurara Chibana has placed the second best for Japan in the 21st century. She placed 1st runner up to Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant. Her sweet personality, freshness, natural glide, intelligence and interview skill made her the crowd's favorite during the final night. She has a very large international fanbase. Kurara is now on contract with Maybelline New York, Tokyo Beauty Center,, and Asience.

Miss Universe Japan 2007 wins Miss Universe 2007 crown.

Miss Universe Japan 2007
Riyo Mori, a ballet dancer from Shizuoka won the Miss Universe Japan pageant and later went on to claim the Miss Universe title in Mexico City, Mexico. She is Japan's first Miss Universe in 48 years. During the crowning of Mori with the official Mikimoto crown, it slipped and nearly fell to the floor. Mori was able to hold on to the crown, which is made of diamonds and pearls and is valued at over US$250,000.
After the refusal of the 1st runner up Rei Hamada to take over the vacant national title, 2nd runner up Akiko Chubachi held the title of Miss Universe Japan 2007 and completed the remaining reign.
The two delegates who also advanced to the top 5 were Maiko Kitagawa and Reiko Iida, while the rest of the participating candidates were Ako Koizumi, Anna Sado, Kiko Matsuyama, Meri Wakui, Yuko Ishizaka and Yu Kizaki.

Miss Universe Japan 2008
Hiroko Mima, a 21 year old physical education student from Tokushima in Western Japan, was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2008 on April 3, beating out 9 other finalists and a total of about 4000 entrants. Staged at the Tokyo International Forum, the final competition featured a "Fashion Island" performance. The 9 other contestants that competed against Hiroko Mima were: Kana Anan, Sayo Yamaguchi, Yukari Honna, Moe Aoki, Yuri Horita, Rui Watanabe, Yoshimi Sato, Chie Hirai, and Azusa Nishigaki. Hiroko competes on the track and field team with a high jump of 1.65 m., approaching her own height of 1.73 m. Originally from Awa she excels in the Awa Odori dance and holds up actress Audrey Hepburn as her ideal of cuteness combined with womanly elegance. Hiroko represented Japan at the Miss Universe pageant in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 13, placing in the Top 15 and continued Japan streak of placements.

Miss Universe placing
Emiri Miyasaka
Hiroko Mima
Top 15 (14ยบ)
Riyo Mori
Akiko Chubachi
(Alternate Miss Universe Japan)
Kurara Chibana
1st runner-up
Yukari Kuzuya
Eri Machimoto
Miyako Miyazaki
4th runner-up
Mina Chiba
Misao Arauchi
Mayu Endo
Satomi Ogawa
Nana Okumura

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